Our special all-video issue features this excerpt from INVISIBLE OREGON – An Infrared Journey Through Space and Time, filmed and produced by Sam Forencich. Created entirely with infrared converted cameras, this film is a study of light as the sun travels across the state of Oregon. Be sure to watch the entire film.

As GreenMoney begins its 25th year of publishing insightful articles on sustainable business and impact investing, we’re introducing a new series. Because our first-ever Video Issue was received so well last year were a doing it again. This May issue features videos by a variety of leaders from the innovative world of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and beyond. I hope you find them as engaging as we do.

–Cliff Feigenbaum, founder / publisher   EMAIL CLIFF

Patagonia Provisions – Buffalo Jerky and the Grasslands

Free-roaming, humanely raised American buffalo are coming back and bringing the Great Plains grasslands with them. (6 minutes)

Paul Hawken Presents DRAWDOWN

The World’s First Comprehensive Plan to Reverse Global Warming. Can we stop global warming in the next 30 years? Paul Hawken says – Yes We Can. (1 hr, 37 min.)

The Earth Circle: Making Environmentalism Pay its Way

Making waste a thing of the past, with new ideas for reusing or regenerating raw materials from Global Compass and The Economist. (14 minutes)

Janine Benyus on Biomimicry as a Cooperative Inquiry

Our species is finally looking to other species for their advice. Nature-inspired breakthroughs in agriculture are nourishing people and the planet. 2016 Bioneers Conference (32 minutes)

The Business Case for Tackling Marine Debris

Forecasts suggest there will be more plastic by weight, than fish in the oceans by 2050. Dow is addressing marine debris globally, partnering with the Ocean Conservancy. GreenBiz17 (16 minutes)

A New Chapter for Global Climate Action

Davos 2017 – Tom Friedman asks world leaders, “What are your priorities to accelerate the Paris Climate Agreement?” Al Gore, Generation Investment; Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh Prime Minister; Stuart Gulliver, HSBC Holdings; Erna Solberg, Norway Prime Minister; Yu Xubo, COFCO. (61 minutes)

Additional Content

Sustainable Brands and New Metrics

Measure and manage success in the emerging economy with the newest methods for valuing risk and impact.  (7 minutes)

This award-nominated documentary reveals the hazards of China’s electronics industry. (9 minutes)
BSR’s Aron Cramer on Reinventing Corporate Sustainability

Translating ambitious targets into public and private sector reality at Green Biz 2017. (17 minutes)
William McDonough – The Carbon Positive City

McDonough presents a new language for carbon using the “circular flow” in Cradle to Cradle® urban planning. SXSW16 ECO (57 minutes)
Fracking Chaco’s Sacred Indigenous Heritage

BLM designated 6.2 million acres of New Mexico’s Chaco region for fracking and horizontal drilling. This ancient site is sacred to area tribes, containing 35 ceremonial “Great Houses” and numerous fragile earthworks. (4 minutes)
Investment for a New Strategic Era from SRIC16

The New Grand Strategy describes a business plan for America, born at the Pentagon, that embeds sustainability as a national imperative. SRIC16 (48 minutes)
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