How Nature Will Influence Investing We are fully underway with our Monthly eJournals. It is quite a change from the quarterly print schedule that we kept for 20 years, but we are enjoying the change of pace. And it is quite a pace. In both online and print formats you must always plan about a year ahead. So here is the scoop on our topics and writers in the coming months:

June:  Several writers on Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Food

July:  Justin Conway of Calvert Foundation on The Next Generation of Sustainability Leaders

August:  Hal Brill of Natural Investments on his forthcoming book ‘The Resilient Investor’

September:  Barbara Krumsiek of Calvert Funds on SRI now and in 2015

October:  CeCe Derringer and Mike Loftin of Homewise on their Community Investment Fund

November:  Woody Tasch of Slow Money on the fast expanding world of Slow Money

December:  GreenMoney’s Special 100th Issue

There’s a lot of expertise and information to look forward to. In the meantime, enjoy this May edition. It includes several top-notch articles: Lisa Woll, CEO of US SIF, writes on SRI – Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing; and financial professional and biomimicry advocate Katherine Collins discusses her new book, “The Nature of Investing.”

Here on you will find 8 additional articles as well as our Global Calendar of Sustainability Events.

In closing, this month marks a special anniversary for several people and myself. Fifteen years have passed since Bloomberg Press published our book “Investing With Your Values.” It was a memorable adventure writing and promoting an early SRI book with Hal Brill and his dad Jack Brill back in 1999 and 2000. In the years since, we’ve been pleased to see Bloomberg and the some of the mainstream investing community more fully discovering the financial impact that ESG factors (Environmental, Social, Governance) have on a company’s bottom line and their overall sustainability.

– Cliff Feigenbaum, founder & Managing Editor, GreenMoney

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The Nature of Investing
By Katherine Collins, Author,
The Nature of Investing and Founder, Honeybee Capital

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