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Local Waterkeeprs Around The World

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Waterkeeper Movement


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The Power of Water
By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., President of Waterkeeper Alliance

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Water’s a Big Deal, but How’s an Investor to Respond?
By Garvin Jabusch, Co-Founder, Green Alpha Advisors and Co-Manager, Shelton Green Alpha Fund

In a Parched World, We Have to Value Every Drop
By Brooke Barton, Senior Director, CERES Water Program

Investing in Water: Untapped Potential
By Matthew Sheldon, Portfolio Manager, Calvert Global Water Fund, Kleinwort Benson Investors International and Stu Dalheim, Vice President, Shareholder Advocacy, Calvert Investments

Water Harvesting is Poised to Invigorate the Job Market and Save the World
By Nate Downey, Founder, Santa Fe Permaculture and Author, “Harvest the Rain”

The Future of Water: Why Investing in Water Infrastructure and Technologies is Important to All of Us
By Simon Gottelier, Director and Water Specialist, Impax Asset Management

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