The State of Sustainable Business

With mounting crises – from the gray specter of increasingly polluted air in China to the dangerous toxic chemical spill into the waters of West Virginia – we are experiencing the perils wrought by our current economic models. As these and other dangers increase, do we have the social will, economic fortitude and creative where-with-all to meet the challenges? Now is the time to accellerate the development of more innovative and sustainable energy solutions.

From the beginning, GreenMoney has deeply believed that these challenges are in fact substanial opportunities for the companies and investors who seek a responsible economy with a cleaner, safer future. There is no future for humanity without drinkable water, breathable air, and a healthy food supply, not to mention the beauty inherent in our natural world.

So on that positive note, welcome to our third monthly edition. We feature the annual Green Business Report from GreenBiz, always a reliable indicator of where things stand in the business world. Take some time to read this and other important articles that include the new Natural Capital Leaders Index and the Top Ten Trends in Sustainability.

Recently I attended a unique corporate event in Phoenix, the GreenBiz Forum, where I learned about the impressive Global Institute of Sustainability at the ASU. There were discussions on responsible global food supply, honestly transparent products, successful NGO and corporate partnerships, and using biomimicry to better design, – well, – everything. More details in future issues. On a side note it was good to see Fast Company magazine state that ‘Sustainability has found a new gear’ in their Innovative Companies issue (March 2014).

Coming up in our April edition is an article by Mindy Lubber of CERES, which is celebrating 25 years of mobilizing investors and business leadership to build a thriving, sustainable global economy.

– Cliff Feigenbaum, founder and publisher, GreenMoney

featured articlesTable of Contents

State of Green Business 2014 Report
from Joel Makower and the editors of


on topic articles

Natural Capital Leaders Index: Identifying Corporate Sustainability Leaders
by Joel Makower and the editorial team at and Dr. Richard Mattison and the team at Trucost

Top Sustainable Business Trends of 2014
From Joel Makower and the editors of

Money & Life: A Renaissance Moment
By Katie Teague, film writer and director

Ice Cream Social: The Struggle for the Soul of Ben & Jerry’s
By Brad Edmondson, book author

additional articles

The US SIF Foundation Releases New Sustainable Investment Guide for Foundations

Green America’s Guide to Fossil Fuel Divestment and Clean Energy Reinvesting
Investing in our Future – Divest from Fossil Fuels Now
By Fran Teplitz, Social Investing Director, Green America

Whole Foods Market Celebrates 17 Years on FORTUNE’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ List

The Investment Logic for Sustainability
A TED Talk from Chris McKnett of State Street Global Advisors

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