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I’ve been an avid reader of GreenMoney for more than a dozen years, and was excited when its founder Cliff Feigenbaum posed the idea of me guest editing for a month. One might think he just wanted to take a summer vacation, but it was really about introducing new perspectives to the long-standing publication and its devoted readers. As such, this month’s articles all come from millennial voices and deal with their approaches to investing.

In this edition, Liesel Pritzker Simmons of Blue Haven Initiative walks us through the experiences that have shaped her thoughts on investing, while offering some suggestions for financial advisors; Julius Tapper of TD Bank Group provides a personal story about the importance of aligning identities in the investment world; Morgan Simon pushes us to achieve more community accountability and more actively engage the people that matter most in impact investing; Brian Weinberg describes the global organizing of millennials taking place through Nexus; and in my article I provide some observations of how millennials are already changing the investment conversation.

I encourage you to read these articles from some millennial leaders that I’m honored to collaborate with. These are folks actively pushing the envelope to shape how not just millennials, but all of us, think about and engage in investing. I hope you find some of their perspectives exciting and challenging, ultimately causing you to be more inspired in your work to build a better world. We’ve certainly got a lot of work to do together.

– Justin Conway, Calvert Foundation

featured articlesTable of Contents

An Open Letter to the Financial Services Industry From a Concerned Millennial
By Liesel Pritzker Simmons, Blue Haven Initiative

on topic articles

Millennials: Changing The Investment Conversation
By Justin Conway, Calvert Foundation

Where’s the Community Accountability in Impact Investing?
By Morgan Simon, Pi Investments

Nexus: Millennials on a Mission
By Brian Weinberg, Nexus

Pride: Identity and Investing
By Julius Tapper, TD Bank Group

additional articles

Sallie Krawcheck and Pax World to Partner on Pax Ellevate Global Women’s Index Fund
Fund Will Track New Pax Global Women’s Leadership Index

Mission Markets Launches New Platform to Support Impact Investing
New technology platform provides broader investor access, a community of members, and information on Impact Investing and impact fund offerings for the first time

Revolution Growth Invests in Healthy Meal Provider, Revolution Foods
Accelerating Expansion of Affordable, High-Quality Food into New Schools and Stores

Why Impact Investors Must Come To Terms With the Biological Bottom Line
By Paul R. Ehrlich and M. C. Tobias, co-authors of Hope on Earth

The Transformative Power of Fair Trade Gold Mining in Tanzania
By Marc Choyt, Reflective Images

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