Fall 2012 eJournal

The Next 20 Years of Sustainable Business & Investing

FEATURESTable of Contents

Publishers Note: Welcome to the Future  – The Next 20 Years: Part 2
by Cliff Feigenbaum, Founder and Publisher, cliff@greenmoney.com

From Growth Capitalism to Sustainable Capitalism: The Next 20 Years of Sustainable Investing
By Joe Keefe, President and CEO, Pax World Management

Looking Forward – Relevance Achieved
By Amy Domini, CFA, founder, Domini Social Investments

The Next 20 Years of Sustainable Business
by Aron Cramer, President and CEO, BSR (Business for Social Responsibility)

The Next 20 Years of Impact Investing: Investing for a financial and social return while delivering well-being for 100% of the economy
By Lisa Hall, President and CEO of Calvert Foundation

Rio+20 and the Future of Clean Energy
By Doug Arent, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory



Destination Freedom – The Way to True Affluence
by Timothy David Karsten, TDKA Group

Statement on Transforming Finance Based on Life’s Principles
by Hazel Henderson, Ethical Markets Media and Janine Benyus, Biomimcry 3.8

Socially Responsible Investing – Whence Did We Come? And Whither Are We Going?
by Robert Zevin, Zevin Asset Management

The Cool of the Day – 3Sisters Sustainable Management…finding, fostering, and funding the Common Good
by Ben Bingham, 3Sisters Sustainable Management

The Importance of Community
by Bill Summers, Permaculture Credit Union

A Fossil Fuel Diet – Taking Action to Get from Here to There
by Theo Ferguson, Vital Systems

SRI Mutual Funds Performance Chart
From socialfunds.com

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