Welcome to GreenMoney’s fourth monthly edition. In this April issue Mindy Lubber, president of CERES, discusses their 25-year mission to ignite the sustainable economy. Recently CERES announced that Morgan Stanley had been approved to join their Member Company Network, mainly because of the new Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing.

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Now we’d like to know what you think. In Creative Nonfiction magazine’s recent issue on “The Human Face of Sustainability” (Spring 2014), environmental writer and author of “The Sixth Extinction” Elizabeth Kolbert states “So sustainability is not recycling nor bringing cloth bags to the supermarket. It is fundamentally rethinking everything that we do, and it is living very, very differently.”
We’re intrigued by her definition of sustainability. What do you think about her challenge to live “very, very differently”? Do you agree? What would living very differently look like for you? And how do you see us getting to a more sustainable society?

Please send your thoughts to us at cliff@greenmoney.com

Coming up in our May edition you can look forward to an outstanding article from Lisa Woll of the US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment and another from financial professional and biomimicry advocate Katherine Collins about her new book The Nature of Investing.

We close with a sincere “Congratulations” to our friends over at Parnassus Investments who are celebrating their 30th Anniversary. Well done!

– Cliff Feigenbaum, founder and publisher, GreenMoney

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