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Media Kit:  Rates / Deadlines / Specifications

GreenMoney is celebrating 25 years in Print and Online covering sustainable business and impact investing as well as renewable energy, organic agriculture and products. Now featuring the newly redesigned, mobile GreenMoney e-Journal (monthly) and the website as part of our award-winning family of financial, business, and consumer media.

In 2013 GreenMoney founder and managing Editor Cliff Feigenbaum was named ‘One of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business’ by Trust Across America. In January 2017, Cliff was named one of the ‘Leaders in CSR & Sustainability’ by Corporate Responsibility (CR) magazine.

Our long-time readership includes ethical consumers, responsible business leaders, financial professionals and individual investors focused on sustainable business and investments. GreenMoney has been publishing since 1992 and encourages responsibility from the farmers market to the stock market.

Contact us to get the latest Editorial calendar for our forthcoming issues. Website

The website has been online since 1995 will have frequent information updates and special features. In the summer of 2017, GreenMoney will launch an all new mobile responsive web platform to expand our reach, industry news and relevance.

Banner Ads

Leaderboard Banner –  728  X  90  pixels

This linked Banner ad is positioned at the Top of every page and rotates with other ads with each click on the site.

RATE:  One Banner is $1500 a year  or  $800 for 6 months

Billboard Banner –  300  X  250  pixels

This linked Banner ad is positioned in the Right Column of every website page and rotates with other ads in its position, with each click on the site.

RATE:  One Banner is $1500 a year or $800 for 6 months

Banner Specs: All Banner files should be provided at 300 dpi and JPEG, GIF, animated GIF or PNG file types. The banner can be a one frame (JPEG) or a two frame (GIF). Please email the banner and link address to –


GreenMoney Monthly E-Journal

We redesigned our digital E-Journal to a mobile platform in 2016, and increased the publishing frequency, (each issue goes out twice a month). The monthly E-Journal features exclusive content and links that are emailed directly to approximately 25,000-30,000 subscribers – leading businesspeople, financial professionals, and individual investors around the world interested in Sustainable Business and Impact Investing. Each issue focuses on those topics.

Banner Ads

Each E-Journal issue features only (3) Banner Ads and (1) Sponsor Banner.


Top Leaderboard (above E-Journal masthead) –  1280 x 260 pixels

Rate:  $2000 per issue

Middle Billboard (between feature articles) –  300 X 250 pixels

Rate:  $1500 per issue

[Note: this size fits both our E-Journal and our Website platforms]

Lower Billboard (between feature articles) –  300 X 250 pixels

Rate:  $1000 per issue

[Note: this size fits both our E-Journal and our Website platforms]

Sponsor Banner – located above Additional article section links.

Includes Company Logo linked to your website and company name in our thank you message: ‘GreenMoney thanks (company name) for their support of this issue.’
Rate: $ 500

Total Sponsorship of a monthly Issue

Your organization is featured in all three Banner ads in one issue. Call for details.

Rate: $4000 per issue

Ad Banners are due by the 5th of the month, previous to publication.


Banner Specs: The full color JPEG ad banner (1 frame) or a color animated GIF ad banner (multi-frames), are linked to the web address of your choice and should be provided at the pixel dimensions indicated above, at 300 dpi (for optimal display on retina monitors). Please email ad banner files and corresponding URL links to-


Email List Rental

The GreenMoney email subscriber list averages between 25,000 and 30,000 US and global emails. The list is kept very current with new subscribers added regularly from the world of Sustainable Business and Investing, as well as Renewable Energy and Organic Consumers, (approximately 10% of the list is comprised of International subscribers).

GreenMoney subscribers are made aware that we authorize selective use of our lists to Sustainable Investing and Business industry partners. We require a discreet disclaimer at the top of all affiliated published emails going to our lists, reminding recipients that they’re receiving an industry partner email because they are a subscriber to GreenMoney’s EJournal.

Contact us for the RATES –

Payment Mailing Address:
GreenMoney Journal
Attn: Cliff Feigenbaum,
PO Box 67,  Santa Fe, NM  87504-0067
[ Bank Wire Transfer information available upon request ]
Contact Cliff Feigenbaum, GreenMoney’s founder at (505) 577-1563 or or
Green Money is a registered Trademark of the GreenMoney Journal / Cliff Feigenbaum
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